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  Khatri Law Firm, LLC offers worldwide confidential consultations and expert counsel to individuals, corporations, and law firms in all areas of immigration law.  
  The firm’s principal and founder, Prakash Khatri, offers clients unparalleled experience and expertise based on his decades of immigration law practice and more than four years of oversight of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  
  As the first Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman within the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Khatri developed solutions to problems faced by individuals and employers trying to navigate the complex immigration processes of USCIS.  
  In his role as Ombudsman, Mr. Khatri analyzed complex processes and identified systemic problems within USCIS that were hindering the federal immigration system. In his day to day analysis and his annual reports to the U.S. Congress, he proposed numerous solutions, many of which are being implemented by USCIS today.  
  Khatri Law Firm, LLC has developed a network of talented professionals who can provide technical consultations on a broad array of legal issues related to immigration law, regulation, and immigration processes.  
  If you are facing a complex issue related to immigration law, contact Khatri Law Firm, LLC today to schedule an initial confidential consultation.